Remembering 9/11

I remember the Twins as majestic and monumental,

as I remember U.

I remember, that day, being bewildered and afraid for myself,

but becoming more afraid for U.

I remember that in the cold clutch of terror,

some rushed in instead of running away.

I remember being inspired,

as they tried to save the day.

I remember watching the Twins fall,

 and knowing we had to stand for U.

I remember, on that day at least,

We all became 1 for U.

I remember knowing things would be different,

but I couldn’t know then exactly how this would change U.

Today and every day I remember the Citizens and the

Charge of a Courageous Few.

I remember those who fell that day and in the years after

as we exacted our vengance for U.

I also remember hoping we would do better.

I have to admit, I still do.

Still I salute and honor U this day.

Still I remember U.

Will Beatty – September 11, 2015