The Real Purpose of Art…

“The real purpose of art is not to make saleable pictures. It is to save yourself.”  Sherwood Anderson.

Author, Sherwood Anderson wrote this in a letter to his son who was 18 years old at the time. (You can read more of the letter and Anderson at ) In our case, Art is whatever your Gift is. The most crucial part of living LifeStyIe 4.0 is embracing your gift. It is who you are and stepping into it is the path to becoming your best self. It is your source of passion. Embracing it can improve everything else in your life. If you have denied spending time developing your gift and sharing it with others you are bound to a prison of self-denial. It is time to “save yourself”.

When I first started writing for fun, I wrote poetry. I began to share it in the various little spots in Charlotte, NC including Mynxx and the Moon Room (around 1998).  I found myself holding back work that I didn’t like and I had considered destroying it. Upon hearing, this my good friend Xavier Zsarmani (Zake) told me, “never destroy your work. It is part of you and you never know what it may mean to someone else. Be who you are and share all of it. Don’t rob us of who you are.” He made me see that words that don’t necessarily resonate with me may be a blessing to someone else. The next time I went out to read, I read one of the poems Zake saved from the trash can. After the set a young lady approached me to say how deeply moved she was by the poem. This lesson has stayed with me all these years. Now I want to share it with you. You never know what your gift may mean to someone. Do not rob us of the gift of YOU any longer. This #MakeItHappenMonday begin to spend more time with your gift. Become the best of who you are.

Happy Make it Happen Monday!  Have a great week!